Falcon Egypt Company is your partener in Diagnosis&Determination of State of Health.
We are  highly qualified importer in the field of in Vitro Diagnosis.

The selectively chosen business parteners allow us to be very close from our customers need
by offering high technology products  at competitive prices.

Our product portfolio covers
Rapid tests, POCT, Routine Elisa,Autoimmune Diagnostic Elisa, lFA&LIA kits
Screen&Profile Allergy, Food intolerance&Safety tests, Hemostasis
Clinical Chemistry plus all other relevant categories.

On the other hand,Our Devices and Analysers fits routine work at different output levels.

We represent the following manufacturers
lmmunolag,Verotech Diagnostics, Dr Fook laboratories(Germany)
D-Tek&Alphadia(Belgium), Diametra&Seleo(ltaly),BiorexFars(UK), Padtan elm
Garni&Parisan Teb Zaman(lran) plus CiTest(Canada), and Genuri&Goldsite(China).


The well designed Organogram allows Falcon Egypt Company team
to offer customers integrated Sales After-sales&Technical support services.
We are always far by just phone call.